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A late but efficient (I hope) entry from my new home at ARKANSAS TECH! Thanks for your support guys, keep giving us feedback _Corey

My two cents on backhanded compliments. Thank you for the support all that watch and we’ll keep on keepin’ on _Corey

I take my shot at the Chubby Bunny Challenge! Keep supporting us and tuning in, _Corey

I was bored and had no creativity, so I decided to walk around outside and talk about my town, hope you enjoy. Keep tuning in and supporting. _Corey

I’m back and I’m being positive goddammit! I talk the importance of happiness and positive thinking, keep tuning in and supporting us _Corey

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I talk about break ups and how to deal. If you haven’t already, subscribe to our channel and keep supporting _Corey

Hot damn it has been too long! I return fashionably late to talk depression, that fun and heartwarming thing we all love. Keep tuning in for aradiantlife greatness._Corey

I’m baaaack. I ramble about stuff regarding things about self love. I hope you like. _Corey

This week I am talking about goals and happiness. 

Questions this week are what makes you happy? And what are you goals?

Have a great week and stay tuned all week long! 

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